Single-sided Bookmark Commission

Single-sided Bookmark Commission


Single-sided Bookmark Commission
by Capukat
I love how this turned out! The pictures always mess up colors so some parts look really dull; the grass has a lot more color for one.

But yeah! Fun stuff~ I had painted the eyes with watercolors and my gold leaf arrived in the mail and after trying it one on scrap paper, I figured it would look neat for the eyes in this.... turned out greattttt! The effect doesn't show through a picture like this but I was having fun tilting the bookmark to see all the shininess .... xD Yep.

Ack I've been doing so many bookmarks lately haha! I have other art, just either big works that I haven't come close to finishing, or haven't had the chance to scan/take pictures, edit, and submit! I shall get to it though!

Well yes! I hope you like it!


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Matthew Parks

Matthew Parks 2015-06-30T11:45:44-0500

very cool i like this wolf


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