Sunset Shimmer

 Sunset Shimmer


Finally! I've had Sunset finished for almost three weeks, but I just didn't have the time to make her saddlebag and Twilight's crown. I managed to find a bit of time this weekend to do that, so here she is! I'm very happy with her - my favorite part about her is that she actually looks decently pleasant from the side: a little haughty, maybe, but not bad...and then you look at her from the front and SHE'S SO EVIL. She's been mocking you this entire time and you just didn't know it yet. Oh Sunset - why did you steal the crown when it doesn't even fit over your silly hair?

Her mane has some wire in it to hold the complex shape. Cutie marks and eyes are appliqued, the crown is a ridiculous concoction of satin, cotton, crafting card, wire, applique, and way too much thread. The saddlebag is black suede, fully functional with a snap closure. It velcroes around her middle so that there is no bag on the other side, as appears in the show. The crown doesn't fit in the bag, unfortunately - it would have had to have been comically tiny (or the bag comically large) for it to work.


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